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We are now Petroassist UK

The Petrotec Group purchased Wayne Fueling Systems UK in December 2016 and now, following a short transitional period, the British company is now officially called Petroassist UK Ltd. 

The newest company in the Petrotec Group has 75 employees and a history supporting service stations across the United Kingdom and Ireland that stretches back 90 years.

Petroassist UK will continue to be the authorised distributor of Wayne equipment, and will now provide a much wider range of products and services to its customers and markets, enhancing its position in multi-dealership technical assistance. Although it is now a part of the Petrotec Group, Petroassist UK will retain its current management, processes and personnel.

"We are very proud to be a part of the Petrotec Group", said Petroassist UK’s managing director, Gary Stapleton, adding, "We believe this partnership can produce excellent business results that will allow us to support both current Petrotec and former Wayne customers in the best way possible."

The acquisition of Wayne Fueling Systems UK increases the Petrotec Group’s presence in the United Kingdom through a combination of its direct operations in the country, where it has had a presence since 2013.