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The Petrotec Group has grown through you and for you. It has invested in the future, in technological innovation and the development of the best solutions for your business. Thus, our commitment to quality, the environment and the safety of all those around us is at the forefront of our priorities. The Quality Management System certification of Petrotec and Petroassist companies, from 1993 onward, is the guarantee, given by several external entities, that the Group has a solid and efficient system, ensuring it is in line with the policy of the Petrotec Group.   


QUALITY (download certificate)

Because quality is much more than mere certificates, the Petrotec Group undertakes to respect the concept of quality in all its contexts and interventions. All products comply with the applicable standards and legislation, always with a view to ensure quality and safety of use for the customer. The services are organized in order to respond customers quickly and effectively, which, in conjunction with the technical expertise of its employees, makes the Petrotec Group a market leader in the provision of services in its sector of activity.


ENVIRONMENT (download certificate)

Environmental concern is a fundamental principle for all employees, suppliers, partners and customers of the Petrotec Group. To this end, synergies were created between the various areas and departments, directed towards the development of new solutions regarding the prevention of pollution and the preservation of the environment. The development of an ecological product line is the clear example of such concern.


SAFETY (download certificate)

The health and safety of its employees are not just a set of methodologies, but rather a way of being, thinking and acting. The Group’s concern for the health of its employees and with ensuring their safety in the execution of their activities are reasons why clients and business partners trust Petrotec. The implemented Management plan ensures effective operational control and promotes a continuous improvement with regard to the prevention of employee health accidents.

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